Replacement 137221600 Washer Drain Pump

Replacement 137221600 Washer Drain Pump


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Replacement 137221600 Washer Drain Pump

The 137221600 washer drain pump removes water from your washing machine’s tub after your clothes are washed. When a drain pump
breaks, the water either sits inside the tub or leaks out. Thankfully, replacing a faulty drain pump is easy to do yourself and
only requires a few tools. The  137221600 exact equivalent part is durable, reliable, and compatible with several top
name brand washing machines.
Installation Tips
Disconnect your washer from its power and water source and slip on some work gloves before beginning the repair. Removing the old
part and replacing it with the new one should take under 30 minutes to complete. Helpful tools include a Phillips screwdriver,
putty knife, slip joint pliers, and a 5/16-ich nut driver.
Washer on the fritz? A new washer drain pump can fix the following problems:

* Washer will not drain
* Washer pumps but won’t spin
* Noisy cycles
* Washer leaks

Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to:

* Frigidaire
* Westinghouse
* Kenmore: 41744052400, 41744052401, 41744052500
* Gibson
* Crosley
* Uni
* Electrolux

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