Frigidaire 131763202 Washer Door Lock Assembly

Frigidaire 131763202 Washer Door Lock Assembly


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Frigidaire 131763202 Washer Door Lock Assembly

Detail information

Supplying Demand 131763202 Front Load Washer Door Lock Fits 131763256 131763255

• Compatible part numbers include AP6285657, 1312694, 131269400, 131763200, 131763245, 3626240, PA66-GF25

• Located inside the door frame of washing machine door.

• Includes 60 day Money Back Guarantee

• Comes in Supplying Demand packaging. 1-year Supplying Demand warranty provided as long as purchased through authorized sellers of Pandora’s OEM Appliance Parts.

• Compatible with Electrolux brands which include Frigidaire, Kenmore, Sears, etc.

Product description
Replaces Part Numbers
131269400, 131763200

131763202-REPL 131763245

1531974, AH2367737

AP4455026, EA2367737, and PS2367737

Package Include:

1 x Front Load Washer Lock Switch Assembly

Steps I followed to replace the original unit:

Step 1 – Unplug the washing machine (also remove any access water that might splash)

Step 2 – Open the washer door and use needle-nose pliers to remove the thin, metal wire clamp & spring from the boot seal

Step 3 – Peel back the boot seal near the latch assembly area

Step 4 – Remove the two (2) screws holding the door latch in place

Step 5 – Insert hand behind the boot seal area, grab the door latch assembly, pull it out, and disconnect the wires (3 sets)

Step 6 – Insert your new latch assembly (might be a slightly different color than the original — this is OK) and reattach the wires

Step 7 – Insert the original two (2) screws to hold the new latch in place, replace boot seal, replace wire clamp & spring

Step 8 – Plug washer back-in and test it out on Spin Cycle



Replacement door lock and strike used on some Frigidaire, Crosley, Electrolux, Gibson, Kenmore, Westinghouse and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: 131763202, 131763256, 131763310, 131763300, AP4455026, 1531974, AH2367737, EA2367737, PS2367737, AP3580441, 1032664, AH890617, EA890617, PS890617, 131763255, AP4694680, 1312694, 131269400, 131763200, 131763245, 1793597, 3626240, AH3418879, EA3418879, PA66-GF25, PS3418879.


  • Includes 131763202 Door Lock and 131763310 Door Strike replacements.
  • Approx. 4″L x 5″W.

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