Copper tubes 02


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Copper tubes 02

High precision smooth copper coil tube has the advantages of high cleanness, super brightness, uniform and compact structure, high dimensional accuracy, high heat exchange efficiency, easy welding, corrosion resistance, and good formability. Its main technical indexes meet the requirements of ASTM B280 standard in the United States, and it is widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat exchanger industries.

Standard: GB/T17791, GB/T1527, GB/T188033-2017, YS/T450,聽ASTM B280, ASTM B68, ASTM B75, EN12735, AS1571, JIS H3300, EN 1057

Out diameter锛3.5- 28mm (normal diameter聽6.35, 9.52, 12.7, 15.88, 19.05, 22.22, 28.58mm)

Wall thickness: 0.35-2.0mm

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