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Condenser 01

Wire on tube condenser, which used for direct cool refrigerator, water dispenser, water cooler and ice cream maker.
More than 1000types of design, we could producing as drawings, and make design for customers, too.
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Wire and tube condensers are used for larger refrigeration products with higher thermal performance requirements. Features are as follows:

1) Plug-in installation, good air circulation around it, can ensure good heat dissipation efficiency in a limited space.
2) Refrigerant flow and circulation are smooth, which can reduce the load of the compressor, save energy, and extend the service life.
1. Technical parameters:
Raw materials
1. Condenser tube: Coil-welded steel pipe 4.76锛6.35 * 0.71mm
2. Cooling wire: low carbon steel wire 1.4-1.6mm
3. Support: Cold-rolled sheet T = 0.6-2.0mm
4. Structural form: welding of steel wire and Bondi pipe
Product performance
1) The product adopts electrophoretic paint to meet the anticorrosive needs of the use process
2) The internal cleanliness can meet the requirements of CFC or R134a refrigeration system
3) Satisfy the heat dissipation performance requirements of the designed refrigerator and freezer.
Second, R134a refrigeration system piping standards:
1) Residual moisture 鈮30 mg / 銕
2) Residual impurities 鈮20 mg / 銕
3) Residual mineral oil 鈮7 mg / 銕
4) Residual chloride ion 鈮3 mg / 銕
5) Residual paraffin 鈮3 mg / 銕
6) Maximum single magazine 鈮 0.5 mm
Third, coating quality performance standards:
Coating thickness Cathode electrophoretic paint film thickness 鈮18um
Coating hardness 鈮2H
Coating impact resistance: 50cm. kg / cm impact without cracking
Coating adhesion 鈮 2 grade
Coating flexibility: bending R3D, bending angle 180 degrees, no cracking and peeling of coating
Coating corrosion resistance (salt spray test GB2423) cathodic electrophoresis 鈮150h
We can make products according to customer drawings or samples.

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