6931EL3001F Dryer thermostat assembly


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6931EL3001F Dryer thermostat assembly

Dryer Element Compatible with LG including 6931EL3001F Thermostat, 6931EL3003D Thermal Fuse Thermostat


Model No.: 6931EL3001F thermostat

It’s replacement for 1377779, AH3530482, EA3530482, PS3530482

Model No.: 6931EL3003D

It’s replacement for 6931EL3003D, AP4440975, 1268366, AH3530485, EA3530485, and PS3530485

Compatible with: LG brand dryers and work with various lg models

When should you replace it?

1. Dryer won’t start

2. Dryer won’t produce heat

3. Dryer takes longer to dry clothes

4. Dryer produces to little heat

Package includes:

1 x 6931EL3001F Thermostat

1 x 6931EL3003D Thermal fuse thermostat

Please note:

1.Turn off the power before beginning the repair, and clean out any dust or lint that you can see inside the dryer.You’ll just need a quarter-inch nut driver and 30 minutes of your time.

2.A high limit dryer thermostat helps regulate the heat in your dryer. If this thermostat shorts out inside, it won’t let the dryer heat come on

3.These dryer replacements are compatible spare parts (not original), the mention of brand names and any related model designation above is only for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

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