60KTYZ Motor

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60KTYZ Motor

Basic information:

Voltage: 220VAC 50/60HZ (12/24/36/100/110V  can be customized) 

Rated speed: Optional

Rated input power: 14W

Rated output power: 3.5W

Rotation: CW and CCW

Gear Reduction Synchron Electric Motors , Reversible Permanent Magnet Synchronous Ac Motor 60KTYZ


Application Scope:
Rang hood, Fan door, Gluestations, Mood monitors, Mahjong machines, Electric screen, Electric oven, Ice machines


Please let us know the following Parameter if we are lucky to attract your interests:
1. Voltage & Frequency
2. Number of revolutions and direction of rotation
3. Type of output shaft ( It would be better if you can offer us shaft drawing)
4. Torque on output shaft


Automatic Incubator Egg Turning fan Motor for incubator AC 220V 110V Gear Deceleration Controllable Permanent Magnet

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